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Karla Fernandes
Teaches How to Make a course App using no code Step by Step

Have you ever wanted to publish a native iOS & Android app?

With the help of Figma, Airtable, and Bravo Studio it is possible to convert your idea into native apps quickly and you can publish it to the App Store and Play Store, and your app will work for both Android and iOS mobile devices.

My name is Karla Fernandes, I am a UX/UI & Digital Product Designer with more than 25 years of design experience. Currently, I am a freelancer and a mentor to students who want to become UX/UI Designers.

I have designed, built, and published 15+ Apps on the App Store and Google Play Store. By creating fully functional Apps or MVPs I help my customers shorten the time-to-market, reduce costs in comparison to traditional development, and iterate with high speed.

By the end of the course, you will learn how to make a real-world Course App inspired by some of the best like SkillShare, Udemy, Masterclass, and TED Talk for a single course and teacher, in the future, you could iterate this app to accommodate various courses and teachers.

Why is the class useful?
You can publish your own app, as well as make a profitable business out of it by offering app design and development as a service to other companies and entrepreneurs.
Who is the class for?
This class is for anyone who wants to learn how to create apps! There are no skills requirements, still, it will help you speed up your process if you have previous design or development knowledge.

Advantages of using
nocode development

Fast time to Market
Reduce Costs
Iteration in High speed
" Karla was quick, knowledgable and open to feedback."
John Freeborn, CX Strategist at Apple
Creative Links
" I found the perfect and highly talented designer who directly understood my vision. I really can say: she realized the perfect app."
Benedikt Schmidt, Texter, Autor, Musiker
Cellarkalt & Der Autor

What You Will Learn

  • CLASS 1

    What are we going to build?

    Prepare yourself because we are going to build a Course App! This class will teach you step by step how to convert your design into a native iOS & Android app with real content without coding! You will just use 4 free tools: Figma, Airtable, Bravo Studio, and Bravo Vision.
  • CLASS 2

    Have an idea and turn it into a real-world app

    This is a course app, but it could be an app for events, music, flashcards, finance, and so many others. In this video, we will explore a little bit on how you could have ideas and how to start to draft them into an app. Get your paper and pen prepared and let's go!
  • CLASS 3

    Create a Figma file make the most of it using tips & tricks

    Understand how to create your mood board, think of your color palette, search for inspiration and go from your wireframe into a high fidelity app design and prototype. I will share with you some of the plugins, tips on how to create a small Design System in order to be more productive. I will show you what my workflow looks like when creating an app that can be repurposed later on.
  • CLASS 4

    Bravorize your file using Bravo Tags Masterlist

    Bravo Studio just launched version 3.0 and it has today 110+ Bravo Tags, and you can do so much with it! In this app, you will be able to create the whole project using only 18 tags and I will tell you all about them, just imagine all you would build when you would learn all of them.
  • CLASS 5

    Create and use Airtable Database without coding

    This is fun! What makes something your property is most of the time the content! Imagine, would your Instagram be yours without things related to you? not really, right?! Airtable is a no-code database that looks like a spreadsheet but it is so powerful and easy to use that you won't believe it! In this step, you will learn how to create, update, delete data and see some of the functions available that can be useful for your projects.
  • CLASS 6

    Test on your iOS or Android phone using Bravo Vision

    Five users can save your project! All you need in order to see if your app is functional is to put it in front of five people. I will tell you more about this and how you could easily run some tests with your family and friends to achieve a successful launch free of huge problems that could have been avoided.
  • CLASS 7

    Iterate your design for better usability

    After testing, rarely you won't need to update something, there is always something that could be improved, could look nicer, or could be solved in a different way that would be easier to understand. Let's talk about this, and how much of it you should change before launch.
  • CLASS 8

    Create store assets

    We have our app structure done, our high fidelity is sparkling and we can't wait to put it out to the world. When you arrive here, that's probably the only feeling you will have! I will show you how I create my own assets, and how I make them for both stores at once. I will also share with you some tips about the content and privacy policy that I have learned with the apps I've launched.
  • CLASS 9

    Publish on App Store and Google Play

    As soon as we finished the last step, it is time to Publish! Yay! Let's do it together, create app identifiers and do the whole process for App Store and Google Play. This is the most important step, and I will tell you, with this guide, you may save hours and hours of not knowing what to do next.
  • CLASS 10

    Market your App

    If your app is free or paid it doesn't matter, the reality is, anyways what you need now are users! I will tell you more about my process of creating landing pages, Instagram accounts, and Advertising that will help you put your app in front of your public.
  • CLASS 11


    You made it! I am so proud of you for taking this step. I hope you have enjoyed this course and have learned the basics to start creating your own apps and publish them soon. If you do, please, send me an email, I will love to brag about you on my channels and talk about your App!
  • CLASS 12

    Iterating and Updating your App using Versioning

    Everything is in movement, and your App as well. You will see the need with the time to add new features, answer your user's requests and keep improving. In this video Bonus, I will show you the latest update I have done to 100 Animals Lite using Bravo Versioning.

Hey, I am
Karla Fernandes

A UX/UI & Digital Product Designer. I am a Designer for more than two decades. I have worked for renowned tech startups, educational and service-based companies.

I have lived in 11 countries while managing my own freelance business. Originally from Brazil, living in Switzerland. I've handled projects from over 150 small to big size companies around the globe.

Karla Fernandes

I help customers launch fully functional MVP applications using reliable No-Code tools. I've published 15+ native apps on App Store and Play Store. Over the years, I designed landing pages, sites, web stores, apps, among other things.

I guide next-gen designers since 2018 in platforms like Udacity, Interaction Design Foundation (IDF), and ADPList. At SpringBoard for over 3 years, I had 1,150+ individual 1:1 mentoring calls and 60+ dedicated global mentees. I aid their career growth through feedback, advice, and interview prep.

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